Impact Focus Areas

Impact Areas for Putnam County

The United Way is committed to improving lives in Putnam County by focusing on three key areas of impact...

– We fight for our community’s youth so they have the opportunities to succeed in school and beyond
– We fight for equitable access to healthcare resources including mental and physical health, as well as reducing food insecurity across the county;
– We fight for the economic mobility of every person in our community by supporting programs that lift people out of poverty and allow for self-sufficiency and personal growth.

Education & Youth Success

To ensure that Putnam County youth gain the knowledge, skills, and credentials so they are prepared for the workforce and are able to obtain family-sustaining employment as adults.

– Children enter school ready to succeed, placing a strong focus on child literacy with programs like Real Men Read;

– Students are successful in elementary/primary school and prepared for middle/high school.

Healthy Families & Healthy Communities

We invest in programs and services that allow individuals and families to improve their health.

– Increase access to mental and physical healthcare, particularly for low-income individuals and families;
– Promote healthy eating and physical activity among all Putnam County residents

– Eliminate hunger and food insecurity in Putnam County.

Financial Stability

Providing sustainable solutions that allow individuals and families to improve their socio-economic status and promote self-sufficiency so that everyone in Putnam County has the opportunity to thrive.

– Individuals have the education and skills to obtain and retain good jobs with the potential for advancement;

– Individuals have the knowledge, skills, and support systems to make choices that increase their financial stability and advance their economic mobility.