Merger FAQ

 Questions & Answers:


Merger between United Way of Putnam County (UWPC) and United Way of Central Indiana (UWCI)

 Q: Why is UWPC Merging with UWCI?

Discussions between leadership of UWCI and UWPC began in late 2020, as it became clear a merger of both organizations would more efficiently and impactfully serve the residents of Putnam County. As regions change and a community’s pressing needs evolve, United Ways deciding to merge has become a proven strategy for strengthened impact. Uniting operations allows us to put greater resources into the work, especially now as we help Central Indiana rebound and recover from the COVID-19 pandemic.

Q: What will be the key benefits of the merger for Putnam County?

For Putnam County, this merger will maximize impact on serving residents in need, provide more engagement opportunities for donors and volunteers, and ensure long-term sustainability of United Way’s work and footprint in Putnam County. For United Way of Central Indiana, an expanded service area strengthens the impact we can make in our region and on the lives of thousands of individuals and families who are striving for a higher quality of life.

Q: What impact will the merger have on organizations currently funded by UWPC?

United Way of Central Indiana will be/has inviting (ed) UWPC partner organizations to a meeting to discuss the process to become integrated into UWCI’s impact work and a pathway to becoming accredited organizations.  This will provide access to a variety of community impact resources, including data and research, advocacy and public policy, thought leadership in the human services industry and grants.

 Q: What will happen to the current organization? Board? Staff?

A: We are pleased that Chris Flegal will continue to be directly involved as the new Director of Community Relations for Putnam, Morgan and Hendricks counties. Board members will continue to be engaged as key advisors and advocates for the people of Putnam County.


Q: Will there still be an office in Putnam County?

A: UWCI serves 5 other counties outside of Marion County. We have found it most effective to not have an office in each county, but having staff live in and engaged in the counties and work remotely.


Q: Will donations from Putnam County businesses and residents stay in Putnam County or will they go to Indianapolis?
A: Meeting the needs and expectations of donors is a high priority for UWCI.  We will continue to provide as many options as possible for donors to impact the lives of people both by type of need and where they live.  As a donor, you will be able to continue directing funds to address the most pressing issues in your community, including designations to specific organizations.  We look forward to working with donors in Putnam County to ensure local priorities are addressed.

Q: I currently donate through monthly giving. How do I ensure my recurring gift continues through the merger?

A:  Thank you for your monthly contribution.  As we merge our data and processes, we will contact you if there is anything you need to do to continue your monthly contribution.

Q: I currently donate through payroll deduction at my workplace. How do I ensure my gift continues to make an impact in Putnam County through the merger?

A:  Thank you for your ongoing contribution.   As we merge our data and processes, we will be working with business partners to make this as seamless as possible, including where you want your contribution directed.  Thank you for your continued support of United Way.  Soon, a United Way relationship manager will be connecting with your company to assure all current and future payroll deductions flow smoothly.  You should not notice any disruption, and the original intent of your gift will be honored.

Q: I am a local business that runs a workplace campaign. How will this change affect our employee giving?

A:  Thank you for your commitment and running a workplace campaign.  Our goal is to make this as seamless as possible.  A UWCI team member will be reaching out to you soon to discuss our continued partnership and how we will work together to create impact in Putnam County and the region. We will have a workplace specialist assigned to each business in Putnam County as part of the transition.

Q: I am a local business interested in running a workplace campaign. How can UWCI help engage our employees in meaningful impact? What other opportunities are available to our company?

A:  Thank you for your interest.  One of the benefits of merging with UWCI is that it opens up a number of new tools and resources to engage employees.  We would be honored to sit down with you and listen to your ideas and help you achieve your business goals around employee and community engagement.

Q: I’ve volunteered for UW of Putnam County. Will I still be able to do that?

A: Volunteers are at the heart of United Way’s mission of serving its community.  Our goal is to continue to have impactful volunteer opportunities in Putnam County and where possible, grow these opportunities.